Turku Summer School 2018

Turku Summer School offers students from all around the world an excellent opportunity to combine studying with an active social programme and to enjoy the best of the Nordic summer in August.

Turku Summer School invites participants from all over the world and provides also an excellent head start for exchange students to their study-abroad period in Finland. Participating in Turku Summer School can also be used as an orientation for new Master's Degree students.

In addition, Turku Summer School has an active social programme. Students will get acquainted with the Nordic lifestyle, while enjoying the be autiful Finnish summer. You’ll meet exciting new people and make friends from all around the world.

Turku Summer School is organised in cooperation with the University of Turku and the Turku University of Applied Sciences. Also Åbo Akademi University and Novia University of Applied Sciences are partners in the network.

The courses are free of charge to the students of the University of Turku and Turku University of Applied Sciences.

The following courses were offered by TURKU SUMMER SCHOOL in 2017:

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