Civil Registration

The Population Information System is maintained by local register offices  called Maistraatti/Magistrat  and keeps record of the Finnish population data. As a general rule foreign citizens, whose residence in Finland is permanent or exceeds one year, can get a personal identity code (henkilötunnus/personnummer). The personal identity code is issued by the Local Register Office (maistraatti/magistrat) and requires registration at this office. The registration has to be done personally. When registering at the Local Register Office, your information including name, date of birth, nationality, family relationships and address will be entered into the Finnish Population Information System. The personal identity code is a means of identification which is more specific than a name.

The personal identity code is needed in a variety of situations in Finnish everyday life such as payment of salaries, opening a bank accound or for paying with a debit/credit card, renting a flat, and health care.
Foreign citizens staying in Finland for less than one year can also be entered into the Population Information System, if this is necessary in order to be able to stay or work in Finland. In this case, it is possible to get a personal identity code. The Local Register Office makes the decisions concerning the issuance of personal identity codes. For the registration you will need a passport, a valid residence permit and, if applicable, a marriage certificate and birth certificates for the children.
Please note that the documents must be legalized (Apostille / Grand Legalization) and translated. An official notification of move is needed whenever your address changes, including when your residence in Finland ends.

For more information regarding the registration see webpage  or contact Lounais-Suomen maistraatti  Turku:

Kela Office, Eerikinkatu 26

Change of Address

You can make a change of address notification by filling out a Change of Address Form, which are available at local register offices, post offices or by internet.
Electronic change of address notifications can be made by visiting the Population Register Centre's Internet site at:
In order to make an electronic change of address notification you will need an electronic ID card, a card reader as well as the system package required in order to use the electronic card. The service is available every day. Electronic ID cards are available from the local police authorities.

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