Trade Unions

An important function of Finnish trade unions is to run unemployment funds and to provide earnings-related unemployment benefits. These are typically much higher than the basic unemployment allowance provided by KELA. 

Finnish unions are occupation-based. There are three main levels:

  • local trade unions
  • national federations of local trade unions
  • confederations

Collective agreements covering the whole workforce are concluded between the federations.  Labour market organisations SAK,STTK and AKAVA have a great deal of influence. Negotiations on salaries, wages and labour legislation are conducted between the government and the representatives of employees’ and employers’ organisations, which is referred to as the tripartite system.

Top reasons for joining unions are security, better terms and conditions of employment for everyone, advice and legal aid, improved benefits in case of unemployment and discounts and special leisure time benefits.

Following unions are represented in the university sector:

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