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Students, Researchers, Staff  

International Exchange or Degree Students
All international exchange and degree students are allowed to work part-time for a maximum of  25h/week during the academic year. However, there are no limits in terms of hours on full time work outside term times (summer holidays and other Christian holidays).  If the employment is part of student’s thesis or is a compulsory trainee period in students field of study, the person might be allowed work without limitations on the basis of the residence permit for students. Because the study-related work cases differ from each other greatly, each case will be handled by the local Employment Office in cooperation with the employer in question. For further information, contact the local Employment Office.
International PhD students Conducting Research
International PhD students who are in the process of conducting research for their licentiate or doctoral thesis on behalf of, or in cooperation with, an institution or company that pays the student for the work, should generally have a residence permit for scientific research. This grants unlimited working rights. For further information on the researcher employment, check with both your university and your employer, as well as with the local employment office.
International Visiting Scholars and Teaching Staff
International visiting researchers and any teaching staff who have been invited to conduct research or do academic work in Finland will get a residence permit, or will be registered on the basis of their right to reside for scientific research, which does not restrict right to work.
Short Time Visitors
A non-EU researcher (or lecturer) coming to Finland for research/teaching purposes based on an agreement or invitation for a maximum of 3 months may conduct research during the period of validity of the visa or the visa free period. A residence permit is needed for a stay of more than 3 months.
Family Member’s Right to Work
If you have been granted a residence permit on the basis of family ties you will have an unlimited right to work in Finland. The right to work will also be entered on your residence permit card.

More information The Finnish Immigration Service


Getting a Job
Non-Finnish and non-Swedish speaking people have a reduced competitive strength on the labour market due to the lack of Finnish or Swedish language skills. Unfortunately the knowledge of English is usually not sufficient and this applies to part-time jobs also. 

The Academic Career Services
(Rekrytointipalvelut/Arbetsforum), of the two Universities in Turku are specialised in finding employment for students. Their services for students include:
  • Information about available jobs
  • Career guidance
  • Information on the job application customs in Finland
  • Facilities for students where they can write their job applications, CVs etc.
  • Information about trainee-programmes.


Academic Career Services
Å-huset, Gezeliuksenkatu 2a
tel. 0400 153 096


Arbetsforum, Career Services
Å-huset, Gezeliuksenkatu 2a
tel. +358 (2) 215 4116, or +358 (2) 215 4961.


Employment and Economic Development Offices (TE Offices)

TE Services Contact information

 At the Turku Employment Office (Turun työvoimatoimisto/Åbo arbetskraftsbyrå) scholars and students living in Turku  can search for job opportunities. The office will give information about jobs available based on qualifications and experience, which in practice means that you need at least some basic knowledge of Finnish. They will also provide you with information about permission to work in Finland and about Finnish legislation concerning employment.

 Basic information

Everyday life at the workplace
Often a contract of employment gives information about when breaks occur during a working day and how long they are.
There is a short coffee break in the morning at 9, a lunch break in the middle of the day during 11-12 and another coffee break in the afternoon at 2 pm.
Lunch is 30 minutes. Eating during breaks is arranged in different ways at different workplaces: some have their own canteen, while at others employees bring their own food from home. At some workplaces, employees can buy affordable lunch vouchers that can be used at restaurants close to the workplace. Lunch for staff at university cafeterias costs 5,60 €.

20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
Tel. +358 29 450 5000

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