How to Find a Job
Tips for job-seeking

• Use already established relationships and network

• Contact interesting employers directly – you can e.g. email your open application
and CV – with reasonable explanation of course

• Find out which companies in Turku are also operating in your home country or
language area

Teekkarintyokirja.tek (Guide to job seeking)
A jobseeker's checklist (Public employment and business services - TE Services)

CV and job application

When starting to look for work, it is essential that the materials you use, such as your CV, application letter and portfolio, are as good as possible. They are the first impression to the employer, offering information on your work experience, achievements, competence and skills, as well as your personality and what you are like as an employee. Present yourself in the best light as possible!

• You can bring your CV and application for the review of career advisers of the Career Services at the CV-Clinic along with your questions regarding career choices. You do not need to make an appointment - just drop-in.

See the event calendar of Career Services of the University of Turku

A good application letter answers the question, “Why should I read this CV?” A good
application letter does not dryly repeat the contents of the CV but, in a very compelling manner, highlights the points that are most relevant to the position you are applying for. It convinces the reader of your motivation for the position and describes your work personality, i.e. your characteristics and personality traits at the workplace.

Sample cover letter and sample CV

Job interview

You’ve been invited to an interview. You passed the first phase and the employer would like to meet you. The goal of a job interview is to allow you to tell more about yourself and your competence, as well as to learn more about the job and company you are applying for. The most important thing is to just be yourself.

How to prepare for a job interview? (Advices to job interview)


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