Where to Find a Job

To make your job seeking easier, we have complied a list containing all the best recruitment services and companies and job portals for you:

Aarresaari-database organized by Finnish universities provides job advertisements for university students and graduates. Job portal is maintained by Career Services of the University Turku.

On TE-Services, the job searching site of the Employment and Economic Development Office, you can find thousands of jobs in different parts of Finland. To find vacancies in Turku, type ”Turku” in the second search bar (Alue, maakunta, kunta ja ulkomaat). The TE Office i.e. the Employment and Economic Office, can help you in finding a job. There are brochures in different languages destined for immigrant clients on the webpages of the TEOffice.

Other job portals:

Valtiolle.fi - Jobs in the organizations of the Finnish Government

Most open positions in the hidden job market

It has been estimated that even 60–80 percent of open positions belong to the so-called hidden job market, i.e. they are never advertised. In these situations, the employer is seeking a new employee through their contact network. It is easier to make a decision on hiring an employee if an acquaintance already knows them. It is often the case of being at right place at the right time. Contacting an interesting employer is a sign of motivation and could improve your chances of employment when a suitable position opens up.

• Tell your friends, former employers etc. about your job search so that you have as
many agents as possible to help you.

• Utilize social media and pass the word, for example, in LinkedIn.

• Contact the companies and organizations you are interested in. You can contact the
human resources or the head of the unit you are interested in.


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