We would like to emphasise that we are not advertising the following shops. You should compare prices on your own.

The words ’ale’ (short for alennusmyynti), ’tarjous’, ’erikoishinta’, ‘erbjudande’ and ’rea’ (short for realisation), mean ’sale’, ’special offer’, ’discount’ etc.

The opening hours of shops vary. Most department stores and grocery stores are open from 8-21 during weekdays, from 8 - 18 on Saturdays usually from 12 - 18 on Sundays.  Some smaller grocery shops like Siwa are allowed to stay open 7-23  everyday.  It is advisable to check the opening hours from the doors (exceptions are also marked on the door before public holidays).

On public holidays all shops are closed and on the eve of a public holiday they close at the same time as on Saturdays. If a public holiday falls on a Saturday, some shops are open on the following Sunday.

Grocery stores


In these shops you can buy food and some household items. Note that grocery bags cost about 10 – 20 cents, but they are roomy, sturdy and reusable. They also double nicely as trash bags. You pack your own bags when you pay at the cashier in the grocery store.

Most bottles and cans can be returned (pantti/pant). For small bottles you will receive 10 or 15 cents, and for larger ones 40 cents. Note that bottles bought from Lidl can only be returned to Lidl.

Shopping Centres

Mylly, Myllynkatu 1 in Raisio.
Skanssi, Skanssinkatu 10.
Hansa, Hansakortteli
Forum, Eerikinkatu 12


Alcoholic beverages can be bought in state-owned ALKO shops only. ALKO shops are open Mon-Fri from  9.00 to 20.00 and from 9.00 to 18.00 on Saturdays.


Of Finnish bookstore chains the two largest are Akateeminen kirjakauppa and Suomalainen kirjakauppa.


Most furniture stores are located outside of city and tend to require a car to visit. However IKEA, JYSK, ASKO and Anttila Kodin1 have a store in Raisio .



Second-hand Shops / Kirpputorit / Flee Markets

There is a large number of second-hand shops in Turku  and only some of them are listed here




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