Social Benefits for Families


Most social security benefits are provided by Kela the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. Eligibility for Finnish social security benefits is based on residence in Finland. If you intend to move to Finland permanently, you will normally be covered by the Finnish social security system and will qualify for Kela benefits as soon as you move to Finland.
How to apply? Coverage under the Finnish social security system is applied by filling the Kela form Y 77e.

Family benefits

Kela provides financial assistance to families with children in many ways, starting from expecting a baby. With the help of Kela, parents can be with their children during the important first months. Later, Kela supports the care of the child and costs caused by having a child.

Kela´s benefits:

  • maternity grant
  • maternity, special maternity, paternity and parental allowance
  • child benefit
  • child care allowances
  • assistance for ill and disabled children
  • child maintenance allowance

You can get beneifts for families with children from Kela if you are covered by the Finnish social security system and you live in Finland permanently. Others who work in Finland can sometimes get assistance as well.   


Students moving to Finland for studying are considered to be resident in Finland temporarily. The exception to this are students moving from another Nordic country, who can gain social security coverage in Finland if they are recorded in the Finnish population register as being resident in Finland.



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