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Registered students, staff, researchers and also visiting researchers can get access to the IT facilities at the universities. In order to use the computer network you will need a user account, which is supplied by the IT Services of your university.   

When you need help with your computer-related problems, or e.g. if you suspect you have opened a file containing a virus on an university computer, please contact the IT Help Desk at your university.




Nettiopsu -  a Virtual Study Register

Virtual study register Nettiopsu is available for all University of Turku students. There are a number of services available on Nettiopsu, such as course and exam registration and change of address. Also the results for completed study units are shown in Nettiopsu.

In order to log in to Nettiopsu, you need to have a valid user ID and password.
For more information, please visit:

Nettiopsu has the following applications and pieces of information:

  • Exam & course registration
  • Transcript of records
  • The student’s personal data
  • The right of study and registration information
  • Student exchanges
  • Degrees completed at the University of Turku.
  • Electronic Personal Study Plan aka eHOPS

Results of completed studies are entered into the study register system by the university departments.


MinPlan is used at ÅAU to make individual study plans and for registering for courses and exams. MinPlan also contains information about all courses. MinPlan contains information about:

  • Study Plans
  • Course registration
  • Exam registration
  • Study Plan reviews
  • Study Guides

For more information about MinPlan you can visit ÅAU’s website providing useful guides for the purpose:

The Student Village Network

is a direct network connection available in all of the apartments of the Student Village Foundation (TYS). The network is routed directly to Funet (Finnish University and Research Network), which is a high-speed data communications network serving the Finnish research community. Apartments are networked with ethernet cables, which allows full duplex connections with 100/100Mbit/s bandwidth.

The network connection is primarily meant for teaching, studying and research supporting uses. Student Village Network is administered by the IT Management of the University of Turku.



Once you have received your user account for the host university’s computer network (see above), you should be able to use your own UTU / ÅAU e-mail account. It is recommended that you also use this Finnish e-mail account while staying in Finland.


There are some mailing lists at each university and the Student Unions will provide you with information on how to join these lists. By joining the mailing list(s) of your university, you will get the most updated information concerning both study and leisure. UTU also has two lists administrated by UTU International Office to spread official information. EXCHANGE-list for exchange students and UTUINTERNATIONALS-list for visiting staff and researchers. Some of the most useful mailing lists for international visitors are:




TYY: ESN Uni Turku-list


TYY/ÅAS: ISTU-list (International Students at Turku Universities)



ÅAS: ESN-ÅA-list


The majority of all the information about parties, excursions and social events is provided via e-mail as well as all the important information about the student unions and other student organisations. Some university departments also provide students with course information via e-mail.


The e-mail list of the International Office of the University of Turku will inform you about changes in course schedules etc. The International Office will add exchange students on the list automatically before their arrival to Turku/Åbo. If a student has not given the permission to join when filling the online application form, it is possible to subscribe and unsubscribe to the exchange mailing list online by giving your information at


To subscribe to the e-mail lists of the Student Union of Turku University (TYY ESN-list and the TYY-list for international degree students), go to where you can fill in your e-mail address and choose the list you want to subscribe to. For more information on this, contact TYY’s specialist for International Affairs:


Both the NUNTII-list of ÅAS and the ÅAS e-mail list for degree students are “mailman”-lists. For subscribing, send an e-mail to or As your message text, write: subscribe.  To unsubscribe, send it to the same recipient, but as your message text write: unsubscribe and the password you got when you subscribed. You can get more detailed information about mailing lists from the Secretary of Social and International Affairs, e-mail:


Photocopying, Scanning & Printing

Copying machines are available in most university buildings. Each university has its own copying cards, meaning that an ÅAU card will not function at UTU and vice versa. You can get a copy tag for the copying/printing system from IT Services or library service points. The tag includes the quota of 300 pages, which is free to students. Staff printing and copying is not restricted, but they also need a copy tag when using machines that have a reader on them.


The quota doesn’t automatically include paper, the paper distribution is decided by the department. The printing quota is 300 black and white pages per semester. Priting colored pages expends 10 pages of quota. The quota is tied to your utu account. The quota is personal and covers printing in university computer classes, in addition to printing and copying at a university library. The following locations can sell credits for your quota, allowing you to print more:


Educarium IT service centre, 4th floor.

Main library, 2nd floor.

Educarium library, 1st floor.

Library of Medicine, Medisiina 2nd floor.

Wanha Narikka, Turku School of Economics.


At ÅAU, students have a printing quota  of 180 pages per quartal, after this, students are charged 3.3 cents per page. Students going over their quota will recieve an invoice at the end of the quartal. Copying machines can be found in the libraries where you can buy copying cards. There is one copying machine at Kåren (the Student Union), please note that for  using this one you need to pay by cash.


Multiprint is a company providing copying services at reasonable prices. It is located in proximity to the campus at Hämeenkatu/Tavastgatan 7 and at High Tech Centre II, Lemminkäisenkatu/Lemminkäinengatan 50.


Binding and printing of dissertations and other book products can be made for example at the university press Juvenesprint, Kasarmikatu/Kaserngatan 2. Tel. Puh. 020 7568 650


Examples of private printing houses are:

Kluutti, Lemminkäisenkatu/Lemminkäinengatan 14-18 B. Tel. (02) 251 3013,

Pahvivalmiste, Hämeentie/Tavastvägen 24. Tel. (02) 232 8879,,
Tykistökatu/Artillerigatan 4 Tel. (02) 2410105, email:,

For academic matters, ask your host department or faculty for permission to use their scanners. There are also multiple scanners throughout the campuses managed by different organizations/shops etc. that can be used for a fee.


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