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The Language Centre is an independent unit of the University of Turku responsible for the language, communication and intercultural skills teaching of most faculties. Our teaching covers all the obligatory language requirements students have and we also organise a wide range of additional language training necessary for students of the University.

Some courses in other languages are also open for international students to join in. However, these courses often have Finnish or Swedish as the language of instruction. Additionally, degree students of the university in question tend to be prioritized. Check with the language centre of your host university for further information. 

If you are a visiting or a degree student and would like to take language courses, please contact your university’s language centre for further information.

UTU Language Centre

ÅAU, Centre for Language and Communication

Centre for Continuing Education at Åbo Akademi University


Language Skill Certificates

Certificates of Finnish or Swedish skills are sometimes needed when e.g. applying to a university as a degree student. Contact the language centres when you need a certificate of your language skills.


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