Bands and Orchestras

If you know how to play an instrument there are some student bands; you are more than welcome to join.

Classical music: Akademiska Orkestern, Sibeliusmuseum, Piispankatu/Biskopsgatan 17. Contact e-mail: ao(at)

Big band: Axelbandet, contact e-mail: ab(at)

Big band: Sohon Torwet,  contact e-mail: info(at)

Rock&Pop: RÅA  - Rockföreningen vid Åbo Akademi, contact e-mail: raa(at)


If you enjoy singing you can join one of the student choirs.

At Åbo Akademi University there are two choirs: Brahe Djäknar for male singers and Florakören for female singers. For more information, contact the choirs’ offices:

Brahe Djäknar, contact e-mail: bd(at)

Florakören, contact e-mail: flora(at)

At the University of Turku there are three student choirs, one general, called Turun Ylioppilaskunnan kuoro, one for female  (mostly medical) students only, which is called Arrhytmics, and one from The Turku School of Economics called Cantus Mercurialis.

Turun Ylioppilaskunnan kuoro (TYY’s choir) contact e-mail: hallitus(at)

Arrhytmics, contact e-mail: puheenjohtaja(at)

Cantus Mercurialis


Jazz / rock / pop / reggae / folk bands often give concerts in Turku. These are usually held in bars and clubs or Student Union clubs, such as Kåren (ÅAS), or Logomo.
Classical music concerts are offered by Turku Philharmonic Orchestra at Turku Concert Hall.

Turun konserttitalo


Concert Hall (Konserttitalo/Konserthus) Aninkaistenkatu/Aningaisgatan 9.

Sibeliusmuseum, Piispankatu/Biskopsgatan 17.

Wäinö Aaltosen museo, Itäinen Rantakatu/Östra Strandgatan 38. The museum also arranges concerts.

Several cultural events and festivals are organised in Turku throughout the year.  See for more information.


There are two main theatres in Turku:

The Finnish-language city theatre Turun kaupunginteatteri/Åbo Stadsteater at Itäinen Rantakatu/Östra Strandgatan 14. For reservations tel. 02 262 0030.

The Swedish-language Åbo Svenska Teater at Eerikinkatu/Eriksgatan 13 B (main entrance from the Market Square). For tickets, tel. 277 7377.

There are also various smaller theatres in Turku:

Linnateatteri, Linnankatu 31, 20100 TURKU, email: info(at)

There are two student theatre companies:

Turun Ylioppilasteatteri (TYT), Linnankatu/Slottsgatan 24.

Studentteatern i Åbo (STÅ),  Läntinen Rantakatu/Västra Strandgatan 23.


Ballet: Aurinkobaletti, Manilla, Itäinen Rantakatu/Östra Strandgatan 64.

Dance theatre: Tanssiteatteri Eri, Yliopistonkatu/Universitetsgatan 7.

Arts Academy at Turku University of Applied Sciences, Linnankatu/Slottsgatan 54-60,

Cultural Centre Ticket Service

Tickets for most concerts and events in Turku/Åbo are sold at Lippupalvelu, Stockmann (Hansa Shopping Centre) and Wiklund (Eerikinkatu/Eriksgatan 11). Tel. 0600 10800. The telephone service costs 1,96€/min (+ local call charge).


There is one cinema in Turku/Åbo, owned by the Finnish cinema company Finnkino. Films are shown in their original language with Finnish and Swedish subtitles. A cinema ticket costs around 6,5–13€, 3D tickets cost 8-15€. Usually the matinees during the weekdays are a bit cheaper. There are also series tickets and special offers on certain days of the month. New films are generally featured on Fridays.

Kinopalatsi 1–9, Kauppiaskatu/Köpmansgatan 11 E. Tel. 278 2000.

The ticket reservation number to the theatre is 0600 007 007 (1,83€/call + local call charge). You can also make on-line reservations around the clock. Register at Note that the tickets should be picked up one hour before the movie starts at the latest.

There are also some film clubs in Turku/Åbo:

Kinokopla, TYY office, contact e-mail: kinokopla(at)

Varsinais-Suomen Elokuvakeskus/Egentliga Finlands Filmcentrum maintains a film archive in Turku/Åbo, and arranges some cinematic events.


A selection of some of the many museums in Turku/Åbo are listed below:

Turku Castle, Linnankatu/Slottsgatan 80.

Turku Cathedral and Cathedral Museum, Tuomiokirkkotori/Domkyrkotorget 20.

Handicrafts Museum, Luostarinmäki /Klosterbacken.

Sibeliusmuseum, Piispankatu/Biskopsgatan 17.

Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art, Itäinen Rantakatu/Östra Strandgatan.

Forum Marinum, Linnankatu/Slottsgatan 72.

Turku Art Museum, Puolala Hill, Aurakatu/Auragatan 26.

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, Itäinen Rantakatu/Östra Strandgatan 4–6.

Pharmacy Museum and the Qwensel House, Läntinen Rantakatu/Västra Strandgatan 13.


 Åbo Svenska Teater


 Turku City Theatre

Turku City Theatre





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