Getting new acquaintances and friends
Friendship Programme
Are you interested in getting to know more about the Finnish way of life? The Friendship Programme is organised by the higher educations in Turku.

Science Café
Science Cafés are English-language science-oriented public discussion events organised by the University of Turku's theoretical physicists. The talks are designed to be suitable for audiences of any background. Each Café event is based around an expert of a particular field explaining the subject of their research or an interesting phenomenon in an engaging and thought-provoking, yet easily understandable way.

Expat Turku Network
The Network welcomes all foreigners with a higher education degree living in Turku and willing to integrate among the Turku community. After-work events are organised such as monthly meetings, cultural events and other leisure time activities.

Turun kansainvälinen klubi - Turku International Club
Meeting place for people from different backgrounds. The Club gives an opportunity for international interaction and communication as well as learning from each other. The informal get-togethers are open for everyone.

The gatherings offer a forum to practice your Finnish, to meet and get to know new people and friends. The Club gives an opportunity to organise different kinds of multicultural events, trips to surrounding neigbourhoods as well as smaller gatherings. The activities are organised according to the participants' wishes and interests. What would you like to do? You are warmly welcome to join the Club!

Sondip - The Union of Multicultural Associations in South-West Finland
The union aims to promote the visibility of multicultural associations and to increase cooperation and interaction between different actors.


Nappi Naapuri (only in Finnish)
Meet your neighbours! Offer or ask help from your neighbours or post an open invitation for a cup of tea. Any connecting activity is encouraged between neighbours in this community with the motive to bring people together.

Meetup - Meet up with people who share your passion.
Meetup helps you to find like-minded people in your area with whom you can get to together to practice a hobby or just hang out.

Hangout is an application by Couchsurfing. It gives you the opportunity to find locals and current visitors in the city with whom you can organise meetups and common activities.

My Mobile Tutor (to be launched in autumn 2018!)
This service is designed to help you as a student of the University of Turku to
1) get to know your home city and the UniversityMyMobileTutor_sovelluskuva.png
2) create and attend various events and
3) find places.

All the content has been created by fellow students and is based on real recommendations rather than paid advertising.

The Events section gives you the possibility to see and create events visible for other students. Events can be sorted by interests and time, and the locations of the events can be found on the map. Explore all the functions, organise parties, game nights or weekend trips, and dare to participate and get to know students from different faculties!

Remember, meeting people with different backgrounds is what makes university life unforgettable.


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