Getting Around
​Do not forget to take a ride on the ”Föri” which travels across the River Aura free of charge! The name comes from the Turku citizens’ twist of the English word “ferry” or its Swedish correspondence “färja”. Föri is over a hundred years old and it is is located approximately between Itäinen Rantakatu and Läntinen Rantakatu 55.

The Turku City centre is fairly small and distances rarely get too long. The walking and cycling paths by the river offer an idyllic perspective of the city. The café and restaurant boats invite you to enjoy the city. Note, however, that you should not walk in the marked bicycler’s lane, but in the lane marked for pedestrians. For your own safety, cross the street only when the light is green and wear a reflector when it is dark. Reflectors are sold in any shops (heijastin in Finnish).


By bike you can go almost anywhere in Turku, and often much faster than by car. As a bike rider in Finland you should:

  • Have a light installed on your bike, you can get fined by the police if you violate the rule of having a light on your bike when it is dark
  • Have reflectors when it is dark
  • Use cycling paths when possible
  • Wear a helmet!
  • Get a proper lock for your bike

You can get a map of all the cycling lanes from the Turku Touring’s Tourist Information, Aurakatu 2, Tel. 262 7444 or see from the map.

Most of the bicycle shops sell second hand bikes as well as new ones.
Nummen Pyörä, Hämeentie 44
Turun Ekotori nearest Ekotori is at Kirkkotie 6-10, beside Caribia Spa.

Bike Rental

If you want to rent a bike you can do so by contacting the Turku Touring’s Tourist Information in Aurakatu 2. The bikes are usually for rent during summer period.


If you want to order a taxi in the Turku region, call 02 100 41 or go to a taxi stand. Driving with taxi is expensive in Finland.

20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
Tel. +358 29 450 5000

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