Student Support Services
The department of Student Support Services provides various counselling services for students and staff of the University. It also coordinates these services at the administrative level.
Student Support Services provides e.g. following services:
  • student service concept
  • international student mobility
  • international teacher and staff mobility
  • exchange programmes, -agreements and grants
  • career planning and job-search assistance
  • coordination of domestic and international internships
  • general information on placement in the labour market
  • recruitment services, job offers, internship placement and thesis assignments
  • alumni relations
  • mentoring programme
  • coordination of study counselling at the faculty level

Contact Information

Visiting address: Main Building, ground floor
Postal address: Student Support Services, University of Turku, FI-20014 TURKU, Finland
E-mail addresses: firstname.surname (without dots) [at]
Head of the Department:
  • Head of Department Ms. Tiia Enges, +358 40 822 2728
    University Main Building
  • Department Secretary Ms. Minna Oksanen, +358 40  518 0652
    University Main Building

 Career Services
Visiting address: Å-huset-building, Gezeliuksenkatu 2a


International Office
Visiting address: Student centre at the University hill 


Alumni Relations
Visiting address: Å-huset-building, Gezeliuksenkatu 2 a




Study Psychologist Services
  • Study Psychologist Mr. Ari Kaukiainen, +358 2 333 5423
  • Study Psychologist Ms. Tiina Tuominen, +358 2 333 5075
  • Study Psychologist Ms. Saara Laitinen-Krispijn
    (University Consortium of Pori)


Disability Services and Accessibility
Main Building, estettomyyssuunnittelija[at]

  • Disability Coordinator Ms. Paula Pietilä, +358 2 333 6235



20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
Tel. +358 29 450 5000

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