Plagiarism means borrowing material that another person has produced in a way that is against the general ethical principles of research and presenting the material as one’s own. Plagiarism is becoming an increasing problem in university studies.

From 1 January, 2013 onwards, Doctoral Candidates who are applying for preliminary examination permission for their dissertations must be attach a certificate which states that an originality check has been made by the supervisor to their application. From 1 August, 2013 onwards, the originality of Bachelor’s and Master’s theses will be checked in a similar manner during preliminary examination.

Dissertations and Master’s theses are saved in the system as reference material. The Bachelor’s theses are not saved in the system.

•  Certificate
•  Control mark

Detailed information on detecting plagiarism and guides to students and teachers can be found in the intranet: FairUTU intranet pages.

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