Human Resources

The Human Resources office is responsible for university-level human resources management, human resources planning and human resources development, legal matters and salary calculation.

The duties of the Human Resources office include the University’s employer duties and cooperation with the trade unions as well as the recruitment principles and the terms and conditions of employment relationships.

The office also coordinates, for example, issues related to accidents and work-related diseases as well as non-military service matters at the level of the whole University.

Contact Information

Human Resources

University main building and Payroll office at Maaherran Makasiin building,
Henrikinkatu 10

Postal address:

Human Resources

Human Resources Manager Sanna-Mari Tammilaakso,, tel. + 358 40 506 2173
  •  Head of the Human Resources office

Human Resources services

HR Specialist Satu Heino, tel. 333 5901,   

  • terms and conditions of employment relationships
  • preparation tasks in matters concerning human resources
  • HR information systems
  • job alternation leave and part-time bonus
  • substitute for the Director of Human Resources  

University Lawyer Elina Reinikainen-Vänni, tel. 050-3371406,

  • legal matters (e.g. complaints and appeals)
  • disciplinary matters 
  • civil action related to employment relationships
  • matters concerning sexual harassment and bullying
  • matters concerning equal treatment and non-discrimination 
  • counselling in matters concerning employment relationships  
  • preparation for the recruitment of professors
  • preparation for awarding the title of dosentti (docent)
  • breaches of Good Scientific Conduct
  • matters concerning residence permit
HR Planning Officer Petri Mäkinen, tel. 333 6362,  
  • HR information systems
  • substitute for HR Specialist Raukola (Head of the payroll office) 
 HR Planning Officer Mika Palasto, tel. 333 5888,
  • HR System implementation project  


Human Resources Development


Ms Heidi Mattila,

  • in-house training and other competence development
  • development projects of work communities
Ms Tarja Saksi,
  • in-house training
  • orientation sessions 

International Staff Services
Maaherran Makasiini building, 2nd floor. address Henrikinkatu 10, building T40 at Email:
HR Specialist (Intl.) Eeva Schoultz, tel. +358 50 502 7023

  • Coordination of services for incoming & outgoing, HRD Intl.   

HR Planning Officer Heli Lankinen, tel. 333 5000

  • Payments of employer fees
  • International employer services

HR Planning Officer Petri Mäkinen, +358 50 357 9941

  • HR information systems

The Payroll Office

Address: Maaherran makasiini 2nd floor (building T40) Henrikinkatu 10, Turku. Entrance through the courtyard, 2nd floor.

Postal address: University of Turku, Payroll Office, 20014 TURUN YLIOPISTO

HR Specialist Kirsi Raukola, tel. 333 6508,
  • Head of the Payroll Office
  • HR Information systems
  • Reporting 
HR Planning Officer Petri Mäkinen, tel. 333 6362,  
  • HR information systems
  • substitute for HR Specialist Raukola (Head of the payroll office) 
Personnel Secretary Heli Harju, tel. 333 6114,
  • Faculty of Education, except part-time teachers of Teacher Training School (Anneli Lehtimäki)
  • Holiday issues

Personnel Secretary Tuija Heikkilä, tel. 333 6180,
  • Social Insurance Institution (KELA) issues
    • Sickness leaves
    • Maternity and parental leaves, paternity and child-care leaves
    • Pay during rehabilitation
  • Work-related accidents, and occupational illness issues, Accident Agent
  • Group Life Assurance
  • Retirement issues, Pension Agent

Personnel Secretary Pia Hilekallio, tel. 333 6134,
  • Faculty of Humanities
    • Faculty
    • School of Language and Translation Studies
  • Grants A-L (According to Surname)
Personnel Secretary Heli Holminen, puh. 333 6116,
  •  Institute of Biomedicine
  • Department of Nursing Science
  • Turku PET Centre
  • Turku Centre of Biotechnology
Personnel Secretary Riitta Isomaa, tel. 333 6268,
  • University Services
    • Human Resources
    • IT Services
    • Support Services
    • Personnel and Student Well-being Services
    • Educational Affairs
    • Library
    • Facility Services
HR Planning Officer Heli Lankinen, tel. 333 5000,
  • Central Animal Laboratory
  • general HR task
  • membership fees
  • payment of employer fees
  • International employer services
Personnel Secretary Elina Laakso, tel. 333 6119,
  • Faculty of Humanities:
    • School of History, Culture and Arts Studies
  • Grants M-Ö (According to Surname),
  • Substitute for Personnel Secretary Tuija Heikkilä

Personnel Secretary Anneli Lehtimäki, tel. 333 5899,
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Law
  • Research Unit for the Sociology Of Education, RUSE
  • Part-time teachers, Teacher Training School 
Personnel Secretary Sirpa Ojansuu, tel. 333 6136,
  • University Central Services:
    • Management
    • Financial Services
    • Development Services
    • Yniversity Communications
  • Language Centre
  • Expert fees
  • Part-time teachers, Brahea Centre of the University of Turku
Personnel Secretary Hanna Talvitie, tel. 333 6133,

  • Administration services of Faculty of Medicine
  • Institute of Clinical Medicine
  • Medicity
  • Research Centre of Applied and Preventive Cardiovascular Medicine (CAPC)
  • Turku Institute for Child and Youth Research (CYRI)
  • Functional Food Forum
  • Institute of Dentistry
Personnel Secretary Tarja Wrang, tel. 333 6107,
  • Turku School of Economics
  • Brahea Centre of the University of Turku
  • Part-time teachers, Brahea Centre of the University of Turku
 Personnel Secretary Leena Wuolamo, tel. 333 6112,


Certificates of Career at the University of Turku 

Street address: Maaherran makasiini, address: Henrikinkatu 10.

Certificates can be ordered by email from
When ordering a certificate, please give your postal address. Certificate of Career will be delivered in two weeks at the latest.
Personnel Secretary Leena Wuolamo, puh. 333 6112,
Personnel Secretary  Elina Laakso, puh. 333 6119,

20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
Tel. +358 29 450 5000

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