Innovation Services | Technology Transfer Office (UTU TTO)

Innovation Services / Technology Transfer Office (UTU TTO)

To create and start new business, Innovation Services unit promotes and supports exploitation of the results originating from scientific research of the University of Turku. The unit offers innovation services for the personnel of the university.

Scientific and business development  professionals both from the university and business life participate in  evaluation of the commercial potential of the innovative proposals originating from scientific research. The aim is to develop these
innovations into profitable businesses (start-ups, spin-offs or IP licensing).

An external function of Innovation Services is to operate as a Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of University of Turku, UTU TTO in short. UTU TTO is constantly seeking for research collaborations opportunities with industry and funding opportunities for commercial utilization of its existing IP portfolios and it is also offering UTU technologies, intellectual property and expert know-how available for licensing. Technology and IP portfolios are divided to four main technology categories:

  1. Diagnostics & Imaging
  2. Biotechnology & R&D Tools
  3. Therapeutics & Drug Targets
  4. Electronics, IoT & Semiconductors
  5. Therapeutics & Diagnostics

For example:

1. Diagnostics & Imaging

UTU103, Multifunctional fusion protein nanoparticles for bio-affinity applicationsUTU103.pdfUTU103.pdf

2. Biotechnology & R&D Tools

UTU201, Highly enhanced mutagenesis method for generating large high-diversity gene librariesUTU201.pdfUTU201.pdf

3. Therapeutics & Drug Targets

UTU308, Novel oligosaccharide immunostimulatory compound for treatment and prevention of allergy UTU308.pdfUTU308.pdf

UTU309, Diagnostics and treatment of aggressive cancer based on PME-1 expression and siRNA-based silencingUTU309.pdfUTU309.pdf

UTU310, Unique gene transcript and protein biomarkers for early prediction of Type 1 Diabetes prior to seroconversionUTU310.pdfUTU310.pdf

4. Electronics, IoT & Semiconductors

Only under NDA/CDA.

5. Therapeutics & Diagnostics

Diagnostic, Prognostic, Therapeutic and Patient Stratification Tools for Cancers Therapeutics_and_Diagnostics_Cancers_2_2017.pdfTherapeutics_and_Diagnostics_Cancers_2_2017.pdf

For more information and a list of UTU Technologies Available for Licensing contact our Business Development Manager or Innovation Managers, please find contact information below.


Personal E-mail addresses:

Business Development Manager Anne Marjamäki
tel. +358 2 333 7947, +358 40 565 8378

Innovation Manager Anssi Kähkönen
tel. +358 50 566 6550

Innovation Manager Piia von Lode
tel. +358 41 522 1878

Innovation Manager Marjo Pihlavisto
tel. +358 40 821 4265

Senior Adviser Eliisa Särkilahti
tel. +358 2 333 6155

Entrepreneurship Project Manager Mikko Pohjola
tel. +358 41 437 2044

Entrepreneurship Project Manager Kirsi Peura
tel. +358 50 502 7075

Information Specialist Anne Bäcklund
tel. +358 2 333 6628

Senior Legal Counsel Eeva Ryödi
tel. +358 2 333 6125, +358 50 562 80 96

Coordinator of Education Export Jukka Pulkkinen
tel. +358 50 569 2237 

Training Manager Ari Koski
tel. +358 50 329 3620



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Innovation Services
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Innovation Services
University of Turku
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20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
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