Extending a visitor account
  • Supported browsers are Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Log in to idm.utu.fi with your username and password. If your computer is a part of the single sign-on system, logging in will be done automatically via "Log in from University workstation" link.
  • Go to Subordinates tab. From there you will find all the accounts that you are a manager of.
  • Click on the Contract details button next to the desired user
  • At the bottom of the page, there is a button called Extend contract. Clicking it will show you the contract information.
  • Set a new end date (or click Set to Maximum) for the contract and check from the drop-down menu that the contract type correspond to the person’s current task.
  • When the contract type is correct, check the box called Contract type verified.
  • Click on Save. The employee’s information will have been saved and the account will be continued until the set end date.

More specific instructions at Soihtu Intranet.

How long is my account active

Additional information in page How long is my account active


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