How do I get utu-account

How accounts are created for different users:


  • An account is created automatically when the employment contract is registered to the personnel register. This takes about one day.


  • In order to receive a utu-account, the student must have reported in as an active or absent student in the university of Turku for the current semester.
  • After the semester has begun, the account is created when the student’s report has been transferred to the student register. This takes about one day.
  • Therefore, new students’ accounts become active at the beginning of the semester, for example 1st Aug (1.8.) if it is the fall semester.

Open University students

  • In order for getting an active user account, a student of The Open University must have a valid right to study in The Open University.
  • The account is created after the right to study has been approved and information of this been entered in The Open University student register. This takes about one day.
  • If the student does not have a Finnish social security number or online banking credentials, he or she should agree with the corresponding course secretary about how to retrieve the account. It can be fetched from The Open University or from a cooperating learning institution.
  • An official ID card has to be shown when retrieving an account.

People not associated with the university

  • An outside person (visitor) must always have a member of the University of Turku staff who approves (more information at intranet) of his account application.
  • This staff member sends an application to The application must contain the following information:
    • The full name of the visitor (all first and last names).
    • The visitor’s Finnish ID number or date of birth (if the visitor doesn't have a Finnish ID number) or the account name (if the visitor has one).
    • The desired duration of the use permission (max. one year)
    • Type of affiliation
    • A description of the needed access rights

Utu account for a month

A staff member of the University of Turku can retrieve an account that lasts for a month, a so-called demo account, for a person who is not associated with the university. This account can be used for example on the computer class computers, but it does not permit the user into other systems.


  • Request a demo account by sending a message to
  • Retrieve the requested username and password from an IT service point. Remember to bring an ID card, a passport, or a driver's license with you to prove your identity. By accepting the account you also take responsibility for it.


Activating the account

  • Activating a new user account with online banking credentials or mobile certificate at (requires a Finnish social security number)
  • If you don’t have a Finnish social security number and online banking credentials, you can retrieve your account information from an IT service point or from a nearby support person, or if needed, from another IT Service point . In the latter case, please agree with helpdesk in advance. Remember to take an official ID card (driver’s license, passport, ID card) with you.
  • In special cases, a password can be sent to a staff member via internal mail to their department’s office. In this case, the user’s manager has to send a message to The message must include the user’s name, username and the contact information of the office.

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