How long is my account active

How to check?

Everyone is able to check for how long their user account will be active. The user account expires when the reason for the account to exist ceases to be relevant (student graduates, employee's contract ends).

  • Go to
  • Sign in with your username and password
  • Select Your Account
  • The Contract end date can be found at the bottom of the page
The account expires 14 days after the contract expires (with some exceptions).

A deactivating account

If your account is about to be deactivated (e.g. due to graduation) it is recommended that you get yourself another e-mail account beforehand. No e-mail services will work after the account has been deactivated. If e-mail is sent to a deactivated account, the sender will receive a message stating that the account is no longer active.


  • The account remains active as long as the employment contract is active
  • The account remains active for two weeks after the employment contract ends

Before this time period ends, the user can request his or her account to be continued for two more weeks by contacting an IT service point or by sending an e-mail to Therefore, an account is active for a maximum of four weeks after the contract ends.

If a new contract is not signed, the user’s manager has to approve of the need to extend the duration of the account and send an e-mail to This e-mail has to contain a reasoning for the extension of the account and the desired duration of the extend (max. 1 year).


  • The user account remains active if the student has a valid study right and registers with the university as either attending or non-attending. However, the account must be activated in order to use, for example, email.
  • After graduating or finishing studies for other reasons the account remains active until the end of the semester the student registered for. (For fall semester students the account remains active until 31st Jan (31.1), while for whole academic year students the account remains active until 1st  Oct (1.10).


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