New user account via internal mail (personnel)

Principally, a new member of personnel receives his/her user account either by activating it by him/herself in address or fetching it either from local IT support point or from the helpdesk of IT Services in Educarium, 4th floor.

In special cases, the user account can also be delivered via internal mail to the office of the user's own unit. If delivering to the unit's office is necessary, the supervisor (manager) of the user is required to send a mail to the address in which he/she should tell

  • the user's name whose user account should be activated
  • the user's user name which the supervisor has received by mail in which it is told that the user account is ready to be activated
  • the contact details of the unit's office

When the user fetches his/her user account he/she has to be prepared to prove his/her identity.


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