Possible error situations - FAQ

Sign in failures

Q1: While signing in to for example https://intranet.utu.fi or https://moodle.utu.fi I get the error: Authentication failed / Käyttäjätunnus tai salasana virheellinen / User name or password is incorrect. What can I do?

A1: First make sure that you type in your user name and password correctly. If necessary, change your password using banking credentials. Read more about changing password.

A2: If the time setting is wrong on your workstation, signing in might fail. Correct the time and try again.

A3: You get the below "Windows Security" window prompting for a sign in. But it does not accept your login data. You probably already are signed in and use a VPN connection. Choose Cancel .

The correct Single Sign-in window looks like this:
SSO kirjautuminen.png

A4: Your browser or it's settings are not supported. Supported browsers are: Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Check your browser's security settings against theese instructions Moodle.utu.fi - General instructions.

Q2: I fail to login to the wireless network Sparknet or Eduroam. What is wrong?

A1: In Sparknet the username has to be entered as account@utu.fi. If you still fail to login, change your password and make sure you meet the password criteria. If you try to login to Eduroam, check the required sequrity settings.

A2: Another workaround might be to connect using VPN instead. It works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad or iPhone. Remote access instructions are available on the intranet.


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