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Terms and Conditions of Use for the University Comp​uter Services

This is a contract specifying the conditions for use of computer services provided by the Computing Centre at the University of Turku. The user agrees to abide by the terms of the contract, instructions given by the Computing Centre, good manners and the law. For using t he modem lines of the university the user agrees to pay the current service prices charged by the Computing Centre.

The Rights and Obligatio​ns of the User

User Account and Pas​sword

The Computing Centre issues the user user accounts and passwords. Both are for personal use only. The user is responsible for the use of his/her user account, as well as the secrecy and regular changing of the password. The user account is not to be rented out, sold, len t or otherwise passed on to be used by another person or juristic person.

Approp​riate Use

The user account is to be used primarily to support studies, research and university work. The publication or distribution of commercial material, illegal material or material contrary to good manners, or the unnecessary taxing of system resources is not permitted. Sendi ng chain letters, or bulk email targetted to an unspecified list of recipients is explicitly forbidden. The user account may not be used to seek o ut data security breaches, or for any other kind of system intrusion. The user must immediately notify the adminstration of any data security brea ches he/she has noticed. Trying to obtain information on a text, image, data transfer or other similar electronic message the user has no permissi on to is forbidden and can lead to charges for a communications crime. The user is not allowed to give or sell network services of his own server to a third party without a specific agreement with the Computing Centre. The user is required to abide by all instructions and regulations issued by the Centre concerning the use of the user account and the network services provided by the Computing Centre. Information on these instructions is available at the Computing Centre, or at the World Wide Web at http://www.cc.utu.fi/en/.

The user of the service is liable for damages caused by action contrary to the terms of this contract, or otherwise intention ally or accidentally caused by the user.

The Rights and Obligation​s of the Services Provider

The Computing Centre is responsible for the functionality of the service. The service includes user accounts on the servers a nd the permission to use the services and programs installed on the servers. The Computing Centre is not responsible for economical losses or othe r damages due to technical problems, network load or service breaks caused by adminstrative action. The users will be notified in advance of servi ce breaks of substantial duration required by maintenance. Any malfunctions will be handled during office hours. The service does not include corr ecting problems caused by hardware or software of the user.

As a temporary measure, the Computing Centre reserves the right to without prior notice limit the use of services causing sub stantial load on the network or the university computer system, or which can harm the Computing Centre as a service provider due to action that is contrary to law, good manners, the terms of this contract or instructions of the Computing Centre. As a protective measure the Computing Centre h as the right to close a user account if a user has not changed the password for a long time, or if the password is otherwise found to be easy to d iscover. In order to look into suspected misuse, the Computing Centre can check material saved under the user account and processes owned by the a ccount.

Changing the Terms of the Contract a​nd the Prices of Services

The Computing Centre has the right to change the terms of this contract and the prices charged for services. The changes are effective immediately, except for changes in service costs, which are effective starting at the beginning of the next billing period. Information on changes is displayed at http://www.cc.utu.fi/en/, and when needed, it can also be sent p ersonally via email.

Termination ​of the Contract

This contract is valid as long as the user is a student or an employee of the University of Turku. The contract is automatica lly terminated when the studying or employment comes to an end, and also if the user doesn't fulfill his contractual obligations or otherwise uses the computer services of the university contrary to the terms of this contract or to the instructions or regulations of the Computing Centre. At the termination of the contract the user is required to pay for services received according to the current service price chart.

Both parties have the right to terminate the contract by issuing a written statement to the other party. The termination is v alid as of the beginning of the next billing period.

Transferring the ​Contract

The user does not have the right to transfer the contract or rights inherent in it to a third party.


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