WiFi - UTU Staff
​The staff members who have a Windows workstation registered by IT Services, can use wireless UTU Staff network. Other devices, such as Mac and the Linux workstations, smartphones and the personal devices access the network using eduroam.

UTU Staff is available in the campus area where eduroam is offered, except for a few places. You can see the availability of UTU Staff from here: Coverage of wireless networks. The coverage of the wireless UTU Staff increases continuously in the campus area.

If UTU Staff or eduroam are available, it is worth for personnel to use one of them. However, UTU Visitor remains alongside as guest network.

Use of UTU Staff

The settings needed for UTU Staff will come to your computer automatically, if it is a PC registered in the network of University of Turku. Once joined, your device stays in the network wirelessly and securely. In UTU Staff network you don't need to use VPN-connections: you get automatic access to internal network of the University and the connection is securely encrypted and safe.

To receive more help and information about wireless UTU Staff, please contact the IT Services or by e-mail: helpdesk@utu.fi

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