Manual setup for iPhone & iPad
  • At first, go to the Settings.
iPhone English 1.PNG 
  • Select Wi-Fi to see the available wireless connections.
iPhone English 2.PNG 
  • Select eduroam if it is available. The authentication window opens.
iPhone English 3.PNG 
  • Write your UTU account followed by to the Username field. In other words,
  • Write your UTU password in the Password field.
(If you don't know your UTU's account or password, you can check your personal information using bank cretentials from this site:
  • Click Join and the window opens which show you the certificate of the authentication system.

iPhone English 4.PNG 

  • To ensure secure use of eduroam, check that the certificate is issued by DigiCert High Assurace CA-3.
  • From the above issuer, there should be either or They are both secure sources.
  • Click Trust and the settings are ready.

iPhone English 5.PNG 
  • Now you see that you have been successfully connected to a wireless eduroam network!
If there are problems on connecting to eduroam or you need help or you have something to ask, please contact IT Services or write to

20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
Tel. +358 29 450 5000

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