Security and reliability
When you log in to eduroam with your username and password, they are always checked by the home organization, i.e. when you use your UTU account and password, an endorsement will be sent to University of Turku’s servers.

This enables eduroam to work also in other universities when you are there as a visitor in the same way as if you were in University of Turku. You don’t need to change setting for your device when you are visiting another university in which eduroam is available, not even abroad! You also don’t need a local user ID to use eduroam.

The use of eduroam’s security requires that you only enter your and password to University of Turku’s severs. Before using eduroam, you can ensure your trusted relationships with University of Turku.

Important network security’s connections based on certificate authority (CA):

Servers /
The certificates verified by chain of trust
​DigiCert SHA2 High Assurance Server CA DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA
If you don’t define in advance trusted relationships to the servers with their certificates, check the above information to allow the access of your device to University of Turku’s servers when you request the confirmation to log in.

Eduroam doesn’t need user IDs through the browser (like Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc.), so do not provide your UTU account to any “eduroam” site.

In case eduroam doesn’t work normally should and you get an error message for your confirmation, the reason is likely to be on wireless network or on University of Turku’s authentication server. Contact your local IT Service to find out where the problem is.

Eduroam protects from eavesdropping

Eduroam wireless traffic is encrypted all the time, so browsing is protected from eavesdropping. You can use VPN connection to encrypt the full traffic throughout your computer to University of Turku’s servers. You also could need a VPN connection to access the University of Turku’s services from another university using eduroam wireless network.

Remote access - VPN and Horizon (instruction in University of Turku’s intranet)
More information about the safe use of the network


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