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Connecting to the wireless eduroam network happens automatically and you don't have to manually connect to the network every time you are about to use it. In this way you are able to keep all your mobile devices continuously in a high speed WLAN network. In addition, eduroam offers high information security.

The eduroam network covers the following areas in the University of Turku: Coverage of wireless networks. The coverage of the wireless eduroam in the campus increases continuously.

The use of wireless eduroam network is recommended everywhere where it is available.

Use of eduroam

To use eduroam, you must add the right settings to your device. The settings can be made either automatically or manually.

When the settings have been made, you are able to connect to eduroam using UTU credentials which are account@utu.fi and password. It is possible to gain access to the internet wherever there is an eduroam WLAN network, regardless of the country, city or organization in which you are in that moment.

Automatic installation of eduroam

Eduroam can be installed quickly and easily from the installation package. In the following link there is an installation package and its instructions for the automatic installation:


Manual installation of eduroam

You can set correct settings for eduroam also by manually. There are instructions for different devices in the following links:


Windows Phone


Mac OS
iPhone & iPad




Android phone & tablet

You get more installation help from the IT Services and by e-mail: helpdesk@utu.fi

More about eduroam

Eduroam and changing the UTU-password
Eduroam’s security and reliability

Outside links:
The coverage of eduroam in Europe
www.eduroam.fi - eduroam in Finland
www.eduroam.org - eduroam global


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