What is the printing quota and how does it work?

The quota is personal and tied to your UTU username. So remember to use your own login credentials when using the machine you will use to print. Note! Please also log off! 

The quota is in use in computer labs and in multifunction devices located in libraries and public areas.

The quota is updated at the start of every semester, remaining quota allotted per semester is not transferred to the next one. This also applies to bought quota!
Your quota is reset to 300 black and white pages at the start of every semester.

Printing and copying use the quota like so:

    1 pcs of black and white print consumes 1 pages from the quota

    1 pcs of black and white print double sided consumes 2 pages from the quota

    1 pcs of color print consumes 10 pages from the quota

When a UTU account expires, it can no longer be used to log in to any university provided service and printing using your quota is no longer possible. Unused bought quota will not be reimbursed in the case of an expired account.

Where can I copy and print using my quota?

You can print in computer labs using your own login credentials. Printing consumes the quota.

In the following places you will need your UTU login credentials and your copy tag to release your printing job from the multifunction device.

  • Feenix library 2nd floor
  • Course library
  • Agora 110
  • Agora basement floor
  • Library of Economic Sciences
  • Library of Education and Social sciences
  • Arcanum library
  • Sirkkala/Artium
  • Publicum 4th floor
  • Educarium ground floor main lobby
  • Natura lobby
  • Signum 2nd  floor
  • TSE

Where can I get a copy tag?

 Students can obtain a free tag from the Service points below:

  •      Educarium IT service centre, 4th floor
  •      University hill IT service centre (Natural Sciences Building 1)
  •      Turku School of Economics IT service centre
  •      Sirkkala IT service center (Verstas, Lemminkäisenkatu 1)
  •      Feenix library, 2nd floor
  •      Educarium library, 1st floor

Where can I get more quota?

If you deplete your quota during the semester, you can buy additional quota from UTUShop 

Instruction fro buying can be found here

Additional quota is priced as:

  •     50 pcs  5,00€
  •     100 pcs 8,50€
  •     200 pcs 13,50€
  •     500 pcs 32,00€ 

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