I agree that, while being employed by, interning in, or otherwise in service on behalf of the University of Turku, I will not disclose any information deemed as secret by law to a third party.

Additionally, I agree to not use secret or non-public information for personal benefit or the benefit of another, nor for the detriment of another, and to not leave it available to a third party.

Secret information may, for example, consist of business or professional secrets, personal data, details of other persons' salaries, or security arrangements. Anyone, whose work duties do not make it necessary to access the information, is to be considered a third party.

At the end of my service or task I will return all documents and media (and copies thereof) containing secret or non-public information that has been given to me or made by me, unless otherwise agreed. I ​will erase all such information from my storage spaces unless otherwise agreed. The provision on non-disclosure shall apply also after the service or the performance of the task on behalf of the University has ceased.

I have reviewed and will comply to laws and decrees regarding the duty of non-disclosure, University policy of information system maintenance, IT security guidelines and policies, as well as other guidelines that have been presented to me. Violation of these policies may in certain cases constitute a crime. When these guidelines and policies are revised, my employer will inform me.
I have read and understood the duty of non-disclosure described above and will comply with it.
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