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IT- R​ules

​​​​​Rules for use of IT Services of University of Turku are a binding collection of rules. They apply to all use of any information technology within the University.​

This set of rules comes int​o force on 1 Feb 2016​.​

Rules of IT Service Use describe general terms of use. They tell what is acceptable, and what is forbidden. In addition to the general rules, each service has its own description and user guide. It tells more specific details for the application of these general rules.

Email Rules apply to all use of email services within or on behalf of the University. Only University's own email services are allowed for work use.

Administrative Rules of IT Services​ describe how admins use their admin privileges. They tell You how the University's admins uphold Your privacy and the information security of the services You use. They tell You how the administration is guided by strict professional ethics.​


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