Research Services

​The Research Services unit offers support services to research projects in different stages of their lifespan, and supports the decision-makers in all questions concerning supplementary funding.

The unit informs, trains and serves as consultant to the personnel of the University of Turku on supplementary funding matters. It offers services in the application, project contract and execution stages of the funding.

The Research Services unit is the University’s link to the funders and takes care, for example, of the University’s timely registration to the funding organizations' electronic systems.

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E-mail addresses:

Head of Research Services Soile Haverinen
tel: (02) 333 6165 / 040 556 9395

Pre-Award Services

Research Liaison Officer Mari Riipinen, Ph.D.
tel: (02) 333 6054

Research Funding Specialist Pia Carpelan
tel: (02) 333 6095

Research Funding Specialist Maria Maunula, Dr.Pol.Sc.
tel: (02) 333 6551

Research Funding Specialist Vesa Rautio, Ph.D.
tel: (02) 333 6076

Project Secretary Sirpa Saariaho
tel: (02) 333 6254

Project Secretary Kaisu Luotonen
tel: (02) 333 5374

Legal Services

Senior Legal Counsel Toni Ahvas
tel: (02) 333 6078
Legal Counsel Ida Similä (on leave of absence until March 2018)
tel: (02) 333 6667

Legal Counsel Liisa Ewart
tel: (02) 333 6647

Legal Counsel Johanna Linna
tel: +358 29 450 2743

Post-Award Services

Research Funding Specialist Jonne Ritari
tel: (02) 333 6358
Research Funding Specialist Annukka Malmsten
tel: (02) 333 6554


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20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
Tel. +358 29 450 5000

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