Analysis and Foresight Services

​Our analysis and foresight services help customers to deepen their understanding of their target market and produce supportive information for organisational decision-making. The analyses facilitate the positioning of the company in the market. The analyses can also be used for monitoring the overall financial development of the customers and the branch in general.

Our services are always tailored according to the customers' needs and they can contain for example the financial development of individual companies in relation to the development of branch on both national and international level. The analyses are based on a database which contains the financial data of more than 120 million companies worldwide.

The analysis and foresight services  provide valuable information for academic research in various fields and tools for the development and growth of small and medium-sized companies.

Examples of our services:

  • The branch reports and klusteriselvitys are based on the financial data
  • Business Intelligence reports: competitor analyses, placing of a company/the product on market
  • Validation of business models
  • Advisory opinions

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