Above, you can see selected figures from CCR in 2016. CCR was involved in 20 projects altogether.

You can learn more about the impact of CCR and its projects by contacting our team.

CCR has a project with Kela (The Social Insurance Institution) that is studying the competition and market structures of private physician services in Finland.

More information in Tan article from Talouselämä (in Finnish).


The DigiPro project explores how the digital solutions can scale up businesses internationally. Key terms in the project are business models and project management. Partners include Lappeenranta University of Technology and four SMEs.Business models and project management are project's key terms. Partners include Lappeenranta University of Technology and four SMEs.

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 Renewal of Forest Entrepreneurs project arranges training workshops for entrepreneurs working in the forest industries. Turku School of Economics is responsible for the business and foresight perspectives. The project is coordinated by Häme University of Applied Sciences.  

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The AAWA –project is a significant step towards making autonomous shipping possible. CCR coordinates the project's business related research. You can read more about how UTU is involved in this development in the University’s Aurora magazine

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Centre for Collaborative Research – a channel for research collaboration

Research idea accelerator

CCR takes research ideas forward by planning and launching projects. We are a bridge between industry and academia for collaboration under various funding instruments.​

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A transdisciplinary and international builder of communities

We are happy to tackle the kinds of topics that need perspectives from several fields of science engaged with businesses and society. Wherever necessary, we also create networks to strengthen the research opportunities. We also link international partners for projects and collaboration.

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An interface between industry and academia

CCR’s projects have industry partners in almost every case.On the one hand, companies act as information sources for research and on the other hand the companies themselves can utilize new research-based information. We aim to create long-term collaboration relationships outside the University. 

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At the moment we are discussing about project proposals regarding the following themes:



Projects and programmes

 Examples of CCR's current projects:







  • Analysis of private physician market

  • Fimecc Rebus

  • Your Kind of Games

  • Value Transformers

  • DigiPro​