Information for Researchers and Visitors


Archipelago Research Institute

The Archipelago Research Institute participates in the multidisciplinary research of the Baltic Sea with a special focus on the Archipelago Sea. The Institute also specializes in long-term environmental and at-sea monitoring - several monitoring programs have been running on the island since the 1960s. For researchers and courses, the Institute offers various research and teaching services, as well as boat transportation and rental services.

Accommodation, catering and guided tours

Accommodation, catering, and guidning services are provided by the travel company VisitSeili (Skärgårdskompaniet Oy Ab). More information and booking here.

Laboratories and working spaces

The Archipelago Research Institute offers various laboratory and working space for researchers and course participants. Please inquire from the Institute's staff in advance which spaces are available as some laboratories are reserved for individual researchers or research groups. During courses, all laboratory use must be supervised by a course leader.

More information on the Institute's experimental and laboratory facilities can be found here.

Computer rooms, printers, copiers and library resources are available to researchers and course participants.

The materials in the lecture rooms and laboratories may be taken elsewhere only with permission from the staff. If something is missing, inquire with the staff of the Institute.

Research equipment

The Institute loans research equipment for researchers and courses. Please contact the Institute's research technician or preparator if you wish to borrow research equipment from the Institute. Please clean the equipment before returning and inform staff if the equipment need repair.

Researchers and courses can also use the cold rooms of the Institute (+5-15, -20 and -80 degrees). Please inform staff if you need long-term storage for your samples.

Research vessel and boats 

r/v Aurelia is a modern research vessel, planned and built especially for  shallow archipelago areas. The vessel has 18,1 m length overall and beam of 5 m. Max speed is 15 knots. Max. number of passengers is 40.

The Institute also owns the following boats: Seili 5 (200 hp, 25 passengers), Seili 1 (200 hp, 11 passengers), Seili 2 (90 hp, 5 passengers), Faster 515 (60 hp), Faster 445 (40 hp) and two smaller motor boats (5 hp).

Main building

The main building of Seili is open for visitors with the exception of the Archipelago Research Institute's work rooms and laboratories.

Excursions: Terrain and Sea

There are no restricted research areas on Seili. However, there are a number of private properties on the northern and southern ends of the island, so please avoid trespassing.
Camping and campfires are strictly forbidden everywhere on the island.
At sea, please follow instructions given by the boat captain/course leader in all circumstances. In small boats, all passengers must wear a life vest and adhere to common maritime safety regulations.


Ticks are common on Seili. If possible, avoid areas with high grass or other thick vegetation and keep to the roads and lawns. A daily check for ticks is effective in preventing them from attaching. You should especially check areas of the body with thin skin.
If you find an attached tick, tweezers for removing it can be obtained at the main building. If you have difficulty detaching the tick, contact the staff for help.
You should observe the bite for a few weeks in case of a Lyme disease (borreliosis) infection. The most visible symptom is a rash that appears around the bite in a spreading circle shape. Other symptoms resemble the common cold: fever, headache, muscle aches etc. The infection is treatable with antibiotics.


The post box at the post quay is emptied according to the timetable of the connecting ferry. Incoming post is delivered daily to the Institute office.


There is a volleyball field by the road to the post quay. Volley- and footballs can be found in a closet by the kitchen entrance.
Rowing boats of the Institute are at your disposal. Visitors can also rent motorboats. Please inquire with the Institute's office if you wish to use either rowing- or motorboats. Always return the boat to its proper place. Before embarking, make sure there are life vests for everyone on board. Also, always inform someone of your destination and estimated time of return.
Please do not ring the church bells. It will be interpreted as a fire alarm, and you will be responsible for covering the cost of a false alarm.


A fishing card of the state and a fishing licence for the local fishery collective are required for fishing on the waters of Seili. You can obtain these permits e.g. in the Nauvo post office (phone +358-2-465 1010) or on the Internet (, page available only in Finnish).


In case of injury, fire or a missing person, call the public emergency number 112 and follow the instructions you receive. Inform a member of Institute staff of the emergency as soon as possible by 24h Duty Telephone (+358) (0)40 358 6458.


  • Station manager Jari Hänninen (+358) (0)50 401 7838
  • Research technician Katja Mäkinen  (+358) (0)50 353 6059
  • Service men (+358) (0)400 704 683