Price List for the Archipelago Research Institute 2017


All prices are given without VAT (10%).
Transportation Seili-Nauvo: 12,50 €/person, minimum 25,00 €/trip.
Outside work hours an additional fee of 50,00 €/trip will be charged.
Weekends are priced by separate agreement.
Boat transportation University departments Others
r/v Aurelia (driver + deck hand) 140,00 €/h 175,00 €/h
Seili 5 (driver + deck hand) 115,00 €/h 140,00 €/h
Seili 1
85,00 €/h 105,00 €/h
Seili 2 /  Faster 515 / 445 70,00 €/h 85,00 €/h

The fee for research instrument use will be determined by separate agreement. Any applicable trip and overtime costs incurred by the personnel will be added to the transportation prices according to current labour agreements and state travel regulations.

Boat rental (fuel not included):

Boat type University departments Others

Outboard motorboat (5 hp)

25,00 €/day + fuel 35,00€ + fuel
Faster 445 (40hp) 65,00 €/day + fuel 90,00 €/day + fuel
Faster 515 (60 hp) 70,00 €/day + fuel

100,00 €/day + fuel

Seili 2 (100 hp) 75,00 €/day + fuel 110,00 €/day + fuel
Seili 1 (200 hp) 110,00 €/day + fuel 150,00 €/day + fuel

The minimum rental period is full one day. The boat is considered to have been in use for 2 days if, for example, the departure has been on Monday and the return on Tuesday. If a rental exceeds the period of one week, the renter must supply an insurance to cover any possible damage to the boat.

Facilities and Services

All prices are given without VAT (24%).
Fees are charged for the use of laboratory and other facilities. The fees will be determined when the reservation is booked. For researchers working on projects of the Archipelago Research Institute, a cost price will be charged for test arrangements and services.
For projects by other departments of the University of Turku, a surcharge of 15,00 €/day may be added for those days that facilities are reserved for the use of the project.
Projects outside the University of Turku will be charged the real price of the test arrangements and services. An additional fee of 15,00 €/day or 1000,00 €/year may be charged for the time that facilities are reserved for the use of the project.
Lecture room (50 persons)        40 €/h

Other Fees

All prices are given without VAT (10% or 24%).

Extra staff for temporary aid

Archipelago Research Institute projects by agreement
University of Turku projects 25,00 €/h.
Other projects 30,00 €/h.

Presentation of the Institute

During office hours 60,00 € (90,00 € at other times).


Sample and material delivery is priced according to the expenses incurred. 25,00 €/h for projects of the University of Turku and 30,00 €/h for all others.

Diving bottle refill

5,00 €/refill/bottle

Research instrument use

By separate agreement.


The prices of phone, faxing, photocopy and library services are indicated in the locations in question.
The Institute reserves the right to change the terms and conditions.