How to Get to Seili




By Ferry

The island of Seili lies in the middle region of the Archipelago Sea, about 7 km away from Nauvo. You can reach the island by connecting vessels from either Nauvo, Hanka or Turku. During summer, vessels operate daily. Vessels operate also during wintertime. All connecting vessels arrive and departure from Western harbour from where it’s approximately 500 meters walk to the center of Seili. Timetables and prices for connecting vessels can be found on vessels websites.

Summer season (18.5.-2.9.2018)

During summer, Seili is accessible daily from both Nauvo, Hanka and Turku.
M/s Östern operates on the Nauvo-Seili-Hanka (Aasla, Rymättylä) route. More information on timetables and prices here.
M/s Fanny operates on the Turku-Seili-Nauvo route between June and August. More information on timetables and prices here.

Winter season

During the wintertime a connecting ferry m/s Falkö operates between the Nauvo harbour and Seili.
See route and technical information of m/s Falkö. Winter timetable: m/s Falkö: 05.09.2017-18.5.2018.

By Car

The Nauvo harbour can be reached via Saaristotie (road nr 180), which forks from the Turku-Helsinki motorway in Kaarina. The distance from Kaarina to Nauvo is about 40 km. The Parainen-Nauvo ferry crossing is along the route; the ferry operates according to a timetable (about four times per hour in the summer season). The ferry timetables can be found on the Ferryportal webpage. The drive from Kaarina to Nauvo takes about an hour. In summer holiday seasons there may be delays due to long queues at the ferry crossing. In Nauvo, the connecting ferry leaves from the quay next to the guest harbour.
Hanka in Rymättylä can be reached via road nr 189 from Turku via Naantali. The distance from Turku to the centre of Rymättylä is approx. 36 km, and a further 15 km to Hanka in Aaslaluoto via Airismaa. A Hammarönsalmi ferry runs between Aaslaluoto and Airismaa (see the timetable).

By Bus


The white-green buses of Saaristoliikenne Oy run daily between Turku and Nauvo. There are also connections to the Helsinki express buses, in which case you must change buses in Piispanristi. The Turku - Nauvo - Korppoo timetables can also be found on the webpage of Vainion Liikenne ltd. When traveling between Turku-Nauvo-Seili, please make sure that the bus and ferry timetables match so you do not miss a connection.

Turku-Hanka (Rymättylä)

The buses of Friman Oy run daily (Mon-Fri) from the Turku Center (Yliopistonkatu 14) to Hanka (Rymättylä) between 25.6.2018-10.8.2018. The bus also stops at Naantali bus station.


Turku: 08:40 - Naantali: 09:00 - Hanka: 10:00

Hanka: 10:10 - Naantali: 11:00 - Turku: 11:20

Turku: 12:00 - Naantali: 12:20 - Hanka: 13:20

Hanka: 13:30 - Naantali 14:20 - Turku 14:40

Turku: 15:20 – Naantali: 15:40 – Hanka: 16:40

Hanka: 16:50 – Naantal:i 17:40 – Turku: 18:00

Prices (one-way, ticket to m/s Östern not included):

Turku - Hanka or Hanka -Turku

Adult: 10€ Child: 5€

Naantali - Hanka or  Hanka - Naantali

Adult: 8€ Child: 4€