International scientific session "Challenges of CSR research in maritime transport"
Global problems such as climate change, human rights violations, and scarcity of natural resources have resulted in increasing pressures on corporations to take action to mitigate their negative environmental and social impacts, and business risks. Shipping business is also facing unprecedented demands from other businesses, coastal states and consumers to improve sustainability performance. In order to cope with the increasing demands, shipping companies, seaports, maritime industry and other maritime actors around the world have turned their interest into corporate social responsibility. The changes in the way maritime transport operations are carried out have in turn provoked a vivid interest among maritime researchers. However, the international and transboundary nature of maritime transport poses significant challenges in defining, measuring and reporting maritime corporate social responsibility. From a practical viewpoint, integration of CSR into the everyday shipping operations is difficult. The above mentioned issues call after a broad research agenda and discussion within maritime practitioners and scholarly communities.
We invite researchers of maritime transport from several academic fields to submit and present scientific papers a special scientific session “Challenges of CSR research in Maritime Transport.

The session will be held on May 17th, 2016 at University of Turku, Finland.

Keynote: "CSR in Shipping: Losing Momentum?” by Prof. Michele Acciaro, Kühne Logistics University, Hamburg, Germany

The scientific session will focus on but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Theoretical and methodological approaches to CSR in maritime transport
  • Definitions, measures, reporting and implementation of CSR in maritime transport, shipping industry and/or logistics research 
  • Environmental and safety issues in maritime transport from sustainability perspective
  • Transport geography and CSR  
  • Linking an academic approach to CSR with practical relevance

Accepted papers will be published in Conference Proceedings. Seminar is free of charge for all participants.

Key dates:   
Submission of abstracts (max 400 words)                 15.01.2016
Acceptance of abstracts                                                  15.02.2016
Submission of full papers (max 7000 words              31.03.2016
Acceptance of full papers                                                30.04.2016

Submit your abstract by Jan 15th, 2016 to

Organisers: Brahea Centre at the University of Turku/Centre for Maritime Studies and Clean shipping economics - shipping under a new paradigm (CHIP) project. The project is financed by the Academy of Finland (decision no: 257968)
Published date 11/26/2015 2:30 PM ,  Modified date 11/27/2015 1:22 PM