MariePRO – Promoting Maritime ECVET Actions

The vocational education in the maritime field is regulated by the International Maritime Organisation IMO’s International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW). The Convention aims to universal regulation of maritime education, qualifications and watchkeeping – at least in reaching the minimum requirements. There are, however, major differences between different countries (and VET institutes) on the syllabus level in the contents and structure of maritime VET.

MariePRO's  actions included examining the differences between vocational MET in the partner countries, Finland, Germany, Italy, Malta, and the UK. Based on the results produced a Catalogue of Best Practices on ECVET, a collection of good examples showing different ways that ECVET is being applied across sectors and countries in the EU. A report provides concrete tools and background for the use of VET institutes on their way to defining a common syllabus structure and content on the European level.  Further, an example syllabus on marine environmental awareness according to the STCW provisions was created.

MariePRO dissemination seminars and workshops for maritime VET teachers were arranged in all the partner countries, as well as one international dissemination seminar in Finland in May 2016. The Events provided the target groups, VET institutions, teachers and other relevant actors within VET/maritime education and training a forum to change views and participate and contribute to the outputs of the project. This all is to pave the way for harmonization of syllabus contents in practice.  

Project's products:
Survey report on syllabus differences between MET
institution,Catalogue of Best Practices on ECVET and Example syllabus on Marine Environmental Awareness are downloadable at  tab PRODUCT




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