SUBSEE - Fast and accurate prototype of 3D geometrymeasurement device for the arctic environment

​Firstly, a protype will be realised, based on the Laser Time of Flight distance measurement method.

Secondly, the potential of the system for the monitoring of the water environment quality will be demonstrated. The technology platform used for 3D measurement can be applied to acquire a time resolved fluorescence data from an object of interest for e.g. material identification / discrimination or biological studies
of phytoplankton chlorophyll.

Compared to state of the art 3D method - the sonar, the spatial resolution of the 3D data provided by the optical system is remarkably higher and the measurement is practically immune to the gradients in temperature or salinity of the water. However,
the optical methods are inherently more sensitive for backscatter in turbid water.
The main target of the project is to prove the potential of the SPC technology providing increased immunity for the turbidity and faster, massively parallel signal acquisition.

Applications are for instance, offshore engineering, offshore oil-, gas- and mineral-production, bathymetry, seafloor excavation, laying of cables and tubes, fishery and biomass studies as well as studies of underwater structures in harbours and
investigations of wrecks.

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