Baltic Sea Port Market Review

Baltic Port List 2014

Details. Baltic Port List is an annual market review on the cargo throughput and maritime traffic of ports in the countries located in the Baltic Sea Region. The review provides trend information, analyses and statistics on almost 200 ports located around the Baltic Sea plus statistics on Danish and German North Sea ports. Coverage: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden. Baltic Port List 2014 includes statistics from the year 2013.


Baltic Port Barometer

Future development. The Baltic Port Barometer is an annual port survey providing trend information on Baltic Sea port development, by assessing business and traffic prospects across the BSR. The Barometer comprises a set of qualitative information that is collected from top-level port authority representatives in the BSR. It is designed to estimate development prospects over the short-term, year-on-year, throughout the Baltic Sea Region.

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