Growth in cargo volumes in the BSR expected to continue
​The majority of the ports that responded to the Baltic Port Barometer survey in June-August 2008 expect some growth in their cargo handling volumes in 2009. Some 16 % expect strong growth. As is the case with views on overall economic development, the big ports’ (cargo handling more than 4 million tonnes per year) expectations regarding cargo volume development seem a little more positive than the expectations of the smaller ports. The average growth estimation for cargo volumes of the responding ports was +7.5 %.
Well over two thirds of the respondents expect economic growth in the BSR to continue during 2009, whereas one tenth believe that the area will face an economic downturn.
As for the development in different types of cargoes, the expected growth in liquid bulk is somewhat weaker than in total cargo. Still 50 % of the respondents expect growth. Two thirds of the respondents expect growth in dry bulk volumes. The forecast for container volumes is the most positive one; over 80 % of the respondents expect increasing volumes and approximately ¼ predict growth to be strong in 2009.

More than half of the ports will increase their capacity in 2009

Roughly 60 % of the respondents expect their port capacity to increase and 11 % report that this increase will be considerable. When comparing port investments in 2008 and planned investments for the year 2009, some 50 % of the ports will increase their investments next year. One fifth will invest considerably more than in 2008. For 16 %, investments next year will be on a lower level and 5 % will invest considerably less than this year.

Background of the survey

A total of 44 seaport authorities around the Baltic Sea participated in the first Baltic Port Barometer survey, conducted during June-August 2008. Of the ports that responded 27 handle less than 4 million tonnes of cargo per year, while 17 ports handle more than 4 million. The survey was conducted by the Centre of Maritime Studies of the University of Turku, Finland, in co-operation with the Baltic Port Organization.
Published 6th October 2008

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