The Rauma Campus
The Rauma Campus is a unique and idyllic cultural environment that is over a hundred years old. ​On the Rauma campus, all the university buildings are situated on the same hill. The teacher training school is part of the campus as well.

Research carried out in the Rauma Unit of the Department of Teacher Education of the Turku University focuses on the phenomena of teaching and learning, especially in Primary, Pre-primary education, Craft, Design and Technology education as well as Early Childhood education.

The Rauma unit of the Faculty of Education offers degrees in teacher education, kindergarten teacher education, Craft, design and technology teacher education and educational science (specifically early education).

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Sat@Oppi is the provider of in-service training and development services at the Rauma unit. Activities are based on academic education and research.

Rauma normaalikoulu (Teacher Training School in Rauma)

The tasks of Rauma normaalikoulu (Teacher Training School in Rauma) is to teach basic education students (grades 1-9), as well as function as a training school for the students studying at the Department of Teacher Education. In addition, the school conducts research, testing and development activities concerning teaching and teacher education.



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