Senior researcher Matti Lappalainen has been appointed as a Board member to ICED

Safety and Security in Education –symposium in Rauma

FinEd Newsletter 4/2017

How not to make education policy

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FinEd Newsletter 4/2016

Make it Now! NordFo2016 -Conference in Rauma: Great success for Craft, Design and Technology Education

FinEd Newsletter 3/2016

FinEd Newsletter 2/2016

FinEd Newsletter 1/2016

Academy funding for a research project of the Department of Teacher Education - cooperation between Chile and Finland

10th Anniversary of the LLEES programme

New publication about comparative educational research: Comparing times and spaces

Finland University develops educational research in Oman

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FinEd Newsletter 2-3/2015

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KASVA/FinEd Newsletter 2014/11-12

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53 Powerful Ideas All Teachers Should Know About

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Ministry of Education rewarded the Kielitivoli-project coordinated by the Teacher Training School in Rauma

FiDPEL Newsletter 2013/11&12

The Academy of Finland Grants Nearly Two Million Euro for Researching Future Learning

FiDPEL Newsletter 2013/10

Best Paper Award to Boglarka Brezovszky

FiDPEL Newsletter 2013/09

FiDPEL Newsletter 2013/08

FiDPEL Newsletter 2013/06

Apply for a right to study for doctoral degree between September 2 and 30