Finland University develops educational research in Oman

​The Specialised Centre for Professional Training of Teachers has operated in the Ministry of Education of the Sultanate of Oman since 2014. The mission of the Centre is to support the reform of basic education that is expected to strengthen the competitiveness of Oman in the future.

The Centre has utilised international competence in developing its activities. Finland University had built contacts with Oman since the last year’s EduTrac Oman fairs and the visit of the former Ministry of Education Ms Krista Kiuru in late 2014 – the delegation included a Finland University representative.

– We succeeded in convincing our Minister to include Oman in her travel agenda, and this visit really turned the attention of Omani leaders to Finland University, Pasi Kaskinen says.

In winter 2015 the Ministry of Education in Oman invited Finland University to tender for academic support services at the Specialised Centre.

Based on the tenders, Finland University with the University of Turku as the project provider, were entrusted with developing the evaluation of the effectiveness of operations and the initiation of research activities. The development of library, quality assurance and master’s programme are led by the Institute of Education of the University College London.

– The project of the University of Turku consists of two parts: Firstly, we will help the Centre to develop effective research to support the evaluation of their operations and the effectiveness of their training. It is essential to find out how the teachers who have participated in the trainings are able to take the new practices to the class rooms. Secondly, we support in initiation of research activities. So far, the Centre operations have been focused on continuing education, but the Ministry looks forward to widening the scope of activities to include scholarly research, training manager Ari Koski from the University of Turku explains.  

The project outline and the first tasks were agreed in an initial visit in the beginning of August in Oman. The execution of the project begins in September and lasts until February 2017. 

– The vast majority of the development work is carried out in Oman, but the Centre personnel also visits Turku to learn about the education and research in the field and the Finnish evaluation of education, Koski says.

In the University of Turku, the project is carried out by the Centre for Research on Lifelong Learning and Education CELE in the Faculty of Education and the Brahea Centre

Text: Erja Hyytiäinen
Translation: Sam Parwar
Photo: Andrea Moroni


Photo has been changed st November 2016

Published date 10/12/2015 1:30 PM ,  Modified date 11/1/2016 12:42 PM