10th Anniversary of the LLEES programme
Many of the current students and some graduates and current doctoral students, were present at the event. The staff was represented by LLEES teachers, the Dean of the Faculty Marja Vauras, the Chair of the LLEES Board Erno Lehtinen, and Erkki Olkinuora who was the Dean at the time when the LLEES programme was established. Also Henriikka Salminen, who coordinated the LLEES programme for several years, and her current substitute Anna Väre were present.
Professor Erno Lehtinen talked about the international programme’s significance for the Faculty and for the Departments, and reminded that as part of the Bologna process all the Faculties were encouraged to establish an international master’s degree programme. Ten years ago, he, as a vice-rector of the University of Turku, promoted the establishment of various programmes.
The LLEES programme has stabilised its position at the Faculty little by little and many teachers have taught courses in English for the LLEES students and for the exchange students who often take the same courses. There have been several Finnish students enrolled in the LLEES programme as well.
LLEES speech.jpg

Erkki Olkinuora and researcher Tuire Palonen remembered the early years when they had faced some funny, some challenging situations due to the different cultural backgrounds of the students. There have been students from altogether 35 different countries. Tuire Palonen and the LLEES coordinator Henriikka Salminen mentioned that they made a toast for the first time when the first LLEES students graduated. At the 10th Anniversary it was time to make a toast for all 69 Masters who have graduated from the LLEES programme.
A fantastic group of musicians, formed by the music teacher students of the Department of Teacher Education completely charmed the audience at the event.

Published date 10/27/2015 12:00 AM ,  Modified date 10/27/2015 12:40 PM