Make it Now! NordFo2016 -Conference in Rauma: Great success for Craft, Design and Technology Education

​Recently, research has emerged on the learning, exploring and understanding of the physical and material aspects of making as well as on the mental capital that individuals need and acquire when using craft, design and technology in order to transform their ideas into material solutions. 

The conference was a part of the anniversary celebration of 120 years of teacher education in Rauma as well as a part of the official program of the Finnish Presidency year 2016 in the Nordic Council of Ministers. 

Make it NOW! Learning, Exploring and Understanding -conference aimed to provide an arena for discussions on craft, design and technology as an innovative combination of knowledge and skills related to eco-social values in altering the world according to human needs and wants. Societies need active citizens who can collaboratively solve the problems and challenges arising and these individuals need meaningful learning experiences to develop the requisite knowledge and skills. 

The NordFo Conference gathered researchers and practitioners, teachers, entrepreneurs and curriculum developers from 14 countries and 36 universities, over 70 oral presentations were held about active and creative process of making and combining knowledge and skills in order to meet human needs and wants. The critical and constructive exchange of ideas and debate were welcomed. 

The keynote lectures were held by Associate Professor Dr. Kimberly Sheridan from the George Mason University, Virginia, United States and Professor Dr. Minna Huotilainen from the University of Uppsala, Sweden as well as University Research Fellow Dr. Jaana Lepistö and Professor Eila Lindfors from the University of Turku, Finland. 

The scientific articles based on presentations will be published in two journals: FORMakademisk ja TECHNE in 2017.

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Photos: Brita Somerkoski
Published date 10/14/2016 8:55 AM ,  Modified date 10/31/2016 8:56 AM