Visiting Professors and Senior Fellows

Visiting Professors in the Department of Education

Diane Reay

Diane Reay is a sociologist working in the area of education but is also interested in broader issues of the relationship between the self and society, the affective and the material. Her priority has been to engage in research with a strong social justice agenda that addresses social inequalities of all kinds. Her research has a strong theoretical focus and she is particularly interested in developing theorisations of social class and the ways in which it is mediated by gender and ethnicity. Reay is Professor of Education at Cambridge University.

Lisbeth Lundahl  

The research of Lisbeth Lundahl concerns the importance and functions of education in Swedish society, as well as education ideologies and strategies of major social actors in the 20th century. In the last decade her research has focused on changed forms of education governance introduced in contemporary Sweden – in particular decentralisation, deregulation and the introduction of a market ideology – against a European context. Local youth policies, new patterns of school-to-work transitions and life-careers is her another, closely related research field. Lundahl is professor in the Umeå University.

Visiting Professors in the Department of Teacher Education

Nancy Commins 

Nancy Commins' research interests focus on teaching in a foreign language, learning with second language (foreign language), multiculturalism and teaching in a bilingual and multilingual, culturally multifaceted environment. Commins has long practical experience as a teacher and as a researcher in multicultural school. She is currently a professor at the University of Colorado.

Simone Vólet 

Simone Volét has been involved in research on learning, engagement, motivation and cultural issues in higher education. Her work has offered new perspectives on the integration of situative and sociocognitive approaches to learning and motivation as well as self- and social regulation in learning contexts. Her current work is strongly focused on integrative processes of engagement, socially shared metacognitive regulation and co-construction of demanding knowledge and understanding of veterinary science in collaborative learning processes in learning and instruction in higher education. She is currently a professor at Murdoch University.

Els Boshuizen 

Els Boshuizen is an established researcher in professional learning and expertise. Her well-known research projects are focused for instance on the so called encapsulation theory. Boshuizen is one of the most known developers of medical science learning model. She is a professor in an Open University in the Netherlands.

Senior Fellows in the Department of Teacher Education

Hans Gruber 

Hans Gruber's research interests focus on expertise and professional learning (e.g. medical science, economics, sports, computer science, music, academic teaching). He has been involved in developing university pedagogics. He is a professor at the University of Regensburg.

Harri Ketamo

Harri Ketamo's research profile is linked with educational science and craft education. Ketamo has special expertise in digital learning environments and teaching and learning in them. One of his research interests is artificial intelligence research of learning games.