Research Centres and Departments

Research Centres

The Centre for Learning Research (CLR) is a joint research community of the Faculty of Education and the Department of Psychology. It is a multidisciplinary research and postgraduate training unit focused on the field of learning and education.
The Centre for Research on Lifelong Learning and Education (CELE) researcher network carries out extensive and multidisciplinary research on lifelong learning and education as part of a person’s whole life span at national and international comparative levels.


Research at the Department of Education is broad, diverse and draws from many scientific backgrounds. The main focus areas of research are educational sociology, educational policy, comparative education and the history of education.
Main reasearch areas of the Department of Teacher Education are learning, education, teaching and new technology enabled learning environments. Major themes of the research are also research of the school well-being and multiculturalism.
Visiting Professors and Senior Fellows provide resources for the research and teaching activities of the departments.