Educational visits

The programme for your Educational visit can include a visit and introductory lecture to Finnish education at the Faculty and/or a visit to the Teacher Training School. Depending on the duration of your visit, we can tailor the visit to your needs and interests.


Your visit can inlude for instance 1-2 lectures at the Department of Teacher Education or at the Department of Education and a guided visit to the Teacher Training School. The themes we can offer are:

  • Teacher education
  • Class teacher education
  • Subject teacher education
  • Kindergarten and early childhood education
  • Special education
  • Organization of teaching practice at the Teacher Training School in cooperation with the Department of Teacher Education
  • Reform of the Finnish education (comprehensive school, teacher education & curriculum reform)
  • Finnish schools in the light of international comparisons and assessments
  • School management and educational leadership
  • Research affairs & doctoral education
  • School visit (Teacher Training School in Turku, Teacher Training School in Rauma, Turku International School)

Organization of your visit

Please note that, due to the growing number of visitors, the Faculty of Education will charge fees from those visitors who do not represent media, delegations of Finnish ministries, or strategically important partners. Erasmus teacher and staff visits are naturally free of charge.


Due to a large amount of requests for visiting the Faculty, for Erasmus teacher and staff visits we kindly ask you to fill  the Request for a Visit form. If it is possible to find you a host and organise a visit programme, we will get back to you in two weeks. For more information contact Educational Coordinator Anna Väre,, +357 29 450 3117.

Other visits, please contact Coordinator Anna Alasuutari