Undergraduate studies

The Faculty educates qualified teachers to pre-school and primary school levels, to special needs education, and also experts and researchers to a variety of tasks in the field of education. In addition the Faculty qualifies subject teachers for lower and upper secondary school levels by offering pedagogical studies in teacher education. The Faculty provides pedagogical education also to university teachers. 

The students of the faculty are highly motivated. There are annually over 3000 applicants to the Faculty. Less than 10 % of them are accepted. The large number of applicants is explained by the prestige of the professions in the field of education, especially of the class teacher profession. The Faculty is also considered to be an interesting place to study, offering many options for its students, for instance in Arts Education.

Faculty in brief

  • Approximately 1800 BA & MA students
  • BA & MA degree programmes in:
  • Educational Sciences (Education, Adult Education, Special Education)
  • Class Teacher Education (Turku and Rauma) 
  • Craft Teacher Education (Rauma)
  • BA degree programme in Kindergarten Teacher Education (Rauma)
  • Master’s degree programmes in:
  • Learning, Learning Environments and Educational Systems (in cooperation with the University of Regensburg, Germany)
  • Education (Early Childhood Education) (Rauma)

Teacher education – an advanced combination of theory and practise

The teaching practice of the future teachers is organized in co-operation between the units of the Department of Teacher Education and the Teacher Training Schools in Turku and Rauma. Teaching practice is carried out in interaction and parallel with the studies in pedagogics and teaching subjects. 

The schools have a strong emphasis on the use of information technology, content and language integrated learning, entrepreneurship education, special needs education, pre-school education as well as arts and crafts.